Asia tour from May 4 to 15

Orfeo 55 is happy to announce its very first tour in Asia from May 4 to 15!

May 4 2018: Oriental Arts Centre, Shanghai, China
May 6 2018: Forbidden City Hall, Beijing, China
May 9 2018: Sichuan Conservatory Concert Hall, Chengdu, China
May 11 2018: Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong, China
May 15 2018: Kioi Hall, Tokyo, Japan

The programme of the tour, named “From Venice to Versailles”, will be largely devoted to the Arie antiche of the recent recording Quella Fiamma with arias by Vivaldi, Handel, Caldara, Cavalli, Scarlatti, Durante…

A tour especially supported by the Festival Croisements 2018 which aims at reinforcing cultural links between France and China. For more information, please visit:

New album: Quella Fiamma, Arie Antiche – Released on 27 October 2017

Order the album here:

The Arie Antiche compiled by Alessandro Parisotti are known to each and every student of classical singing. But with Quella Fiamma, Nathalie Stutzmann and Orfeo 55 breathe new fire into this primer for the voice, performing these songs and arias with original orchestrations, as they would have been heard in their day. Before they were lessons, they were high art.

This album is a selection of pieces from Arie antiche, a 19th Century collection of songs edited by Alessandro Parisotti to be a vocal primer. Though now more famous as the editor of Arie antiche, Parisotti was also a composer, and he managed to slip one of his own works into the book by attributing to Giovanni Pergolesi his song “Se tu m’ami”. The collection was very much a part of the trend to rediscover old and forgotten works, and the popularity of the three-volume set has endured to this day.

For this album the musicians of Orfeo 55 have worked painstakingly to source original scores and to edit the parts as necessary. While the instrumental works are not part of Parisotti’s primer, they provide brief musical interludes between the songs to enhance the overall listening experience and bring these works together into a coherent programme.


Opéra Comédie de Montpellier

Orfeo 55 in residency at Montpellier Opera until 2020

Orfeo 55 will be in residency at the Opera National Orchestra Montpellier Occitanie for the seasons 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020!
Nathalie Stutzmann: “Orfeo 55 performed for the first time at the Opéra Comédie in Montpellier in May 2016 and we felt an immediate and obvious complicity with the beauty of the place, the quality of the acoustics, the warm welcome we received from the audience and the enthusiasm of the management.
All of this naturally led us to think about closer collaboration, and it’s with great joy that I accepted the invitation of a Residency from the General Manager of the establishment Mrs. Valérie Chevalier to install the orchestra for the next three years at the Opera. My musicians and I are delighted to integrate the musical life of this historic house and its magnificent region in order to promote the personality, the specificities, the identity of Orfeo 55 and to transmit our love of music. It is also the first time that Orfeo 55 will be in Residency in an opera since its creation in 2009, which opens new horizons. A stage production is already under discussion.”