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Heroes from the Shadows (2014)

Heroes from the Shadows“(…) it is not just a matter of singing slowly and beautifully: in Arsamene’s aria from Serse, the word ‘cor’ at the end of the B section is barely sounded; Ottone breaks momentarily into speech in his aria from Agrippina; and ‘Pena tiranna’, the plaintive sarabande with pained oboe and bassoon lines for Dardano from Amadigi di Gaula is one of several arias to culminate in a surging climactic final phrase and orchestral play-out. Subtle, considered and truthful touches like this make every aria, be it fast or slow, a memorably shaped event.”
Lindsay Kemp, Gramophone (Great-Britain), November 14, 2014

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Une cantate imaginaire (2012)

Une cantate imaginaire“Stutzmann performs as soloist and director, imbuing these accounts with personality and vision. Her contralto is distinctive — at once voluptuous and androgynous, with an impressively wide range and sure technique (…). Stutzmann really captures the sublime quality of Bach’s sacred music, and the instrumentalists of Orfeo 55 shape the contours and paint the colours of his counterpoint with eloquent grace. The pristine recording throws the details into high relief.”
Kate Bolton, BBC Music Magazine (Great-Britain), March 1st, 2013

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Prima Donna (2011)

Prima Donna“Stutzmann’s heady mixture of raw energy, high-octane passion and stunning vocal acrobatics works marvellously in this imaginatively planned recital (…). It’s a “tour de force” not only for singing — Stutzmann also shows great prowess as a conductor, inspiring her ensemble Orfeo 55 in vibrant and expressive performances throughout.”
Erik Levi, BBC Music Magazine (Great-Britain), February 1st, 2012

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