ResMusica’s review of Orfeo 55’s concert at the Arsenal in Metz


“As far as the orchestra is concerned, Nathalie Stutzmann and Orfeo 55 are much more than mere guides, they give form to a real breathing. The round and flexible sounds of the orchestra – whose size, with just over twenty-five instrumentalists, still remains relatively small for Mozart – allow rehearing and rediscovering some of the most hackneyed pages such as The Little Night Music or the Symphony No. 40, with a mixture of softness and strength, rigor and flexibility.”
Pierre Degott, ResMusica, 2 juin 2013

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Orfeo 55 in Le Figaro today

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A few days before the first concert of the Haydn and Mozart tour with Magdalena Kožená , Orfeo 55 is in today’s issue of Le Figaro: “For its opening concert, the opus 33 of Auvers-sur-Oise Festival has given prominence to female performers. And not the least. To accompany the charismatic North star Magdalena Kožená in Haydn and Mozart, the Notre-Dame church will welcome no less than one of our best French singer Nathalie Stutzmann, this time as a conductor. At the head of her own orchestra ( Orfeo 55), with her strength and unfailing generosity, she has become the ambassador of the great baroque and classical composers, serving their narrative power and sound inventiveness without any compromise . From Bach to Vivaldi, she has proven that ancient instruments are not always synonymous with elegant affectedness, but can sound smooth with rage, lively with flesh and deepness.”
Thierry Hillériteau, Le Figaro, 29 mai 2013

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